Selma Blair Chides Paparazzi

Selma Blair Chides Paparazzi

While photographer Brian Bowen Smith's book signing event celebrated the beautiful, artistic side of photography this weekend, less flattering forms of photography also capture celebrities on a daily basis. Actress Selma Blair, who has been criticized for her appearance in some paparazzi photos, gave her candid take on the paparazzi.

"Some days I'm O.K. and some days I feel really invaded. Paparazzi follow me from my house in the morning and people wonder why you don't look so great," the 40-year-old actress said. "... I leave at six in the morning with my kid to go on a walk, and you wish you had that time alone."

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The Legally Blonde actress caught flak late last year when she was portrayed in paparazzi photos with a gaunt figure. Blair says that the surfacing of unappealing photos is out of her control.

"They shoot in my house; they shoot in my yard. It's not kind, but apparently the law is freedom of press and I don't have a say about it," she stated.

"They'll be a lot of unflattering pictures. I'm sure they'll be more to come. My focus in on my child in the morning and at night. For right now, [the way I looked in the photos] not the way I look, so if the paparazzi [are] going to capture it, I can't do that much about it."

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As for the photographers she appreciates, Blair praised Smith, who featured her photos in his new book.

"Brian is kind and enthusiastic. He's an amazing photographer," she praised. "He makes you feel like you're the most important person in front of the camera and that makes a better picture."

Smith, who was mentored by renowned photographer Herb Ritts, discussed his latest collection of photographs.

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"Putting the book together was kind of difficult because it's a conglomeration of a lot of things," the New York native said. "To narrow it down is heart-wrenching because you want to put in every picture and there's no way you can do it. ... At the end of the day, it came out really, really good and it just leaves...the door open to do plenty more, which is what I plan to do."

Watch the video above to hear Smith's thoughts on his photo shoot with ET's own Brooke Anderson. Brian Bowen Smith is now in stores.