Buble on Reese Arrest: 'Everyone Makes Mistakes'

Buble on Reese Arrest: 'Everyone Makes Mistakes'

Although they work in different fields, Michael Bublé and Reese Witherspoon crossed paths for a duet on Bublé's latest album, To Be Loved. With Witherspoon's recent arrest still fresh on everyone's minds, Bublé shared his thoughts on the incident.

"Getting to know her, she's a kind, humble, down-to-earth, real girl that I adore," the Canadian singer praised of Witherspoon to ET Canada. "Everyone makes mistakes. It's just a matter of, really, how you come back from 'em."

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Witherspoon, who was approached by Bublé to perform the duet "Something Stupid," was arrested last weekend in an incident in which her husband was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. The police report detailed her unruliness with the arresting officer, which prompted her to release an apologetic statement soon after.

"I thought that she just showed graciousness and class and great dignity," the 37-year-old lauded of Witherspoon's response to the incident. "I hope that when I make mistakes that I come back the same way. ... I'm sure she wishes she could go back but the truth is...she's got a beautiful family and beautiful kids and I think that's what's most important for her."

Bublé is set to have his own beautiful child with his Argentine actress/model wife Luisana Lopilato, who announced they were expecting their first child, later announced to be a boy, in January.

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With his first child soon to be welcomed into the world, he revealed his mindset approaching fatherhood.

"I just know right know that I pray that he's healthy and that my wife is healthy," he said after detailing what he's been told about fatherhood. "I'm just going to try to be a good dad like my dad was and like his dad was. ... If he turns out to be a great, macho hockey player or a gay ballet dancer, I'll be just as happy as long as my kid is happy."

On that same note, Bublé also wants his boy to be content with his name, which is something that he and his wife haven't come to a consensus on yet.

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"I think it's a good, healthy battle," he said of selecting a name for their baby. "...We both want something that the kid is proud of when he's in his teens, and at the same time, that is special. We're just trying to go back and forth and sometimes I just mess with her because she likes certain Spanish names. Now, I'm just messing with her and saying that I want to call the kid 'Thor.'"

Watch the full video above for ET Canada's interview with Bublé at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' "An Evening with Michael Bublé" on his recent holiday special "Michael Bublé: Home for the Holidays."