Richards Defends Her Weight: I'm Naturally Lean

Richards Defends Her Weight: I'm Naturally Lean

In light of recent criticism regarding her thin frame, Denise Richards has come to defend what she describes as her "naturally long and lean" body with ET Canada on the Radio Disney Awards red carpet over the weekend.

"I think people are commenting mostly because of my arms," speculated the 42-year-old mom of three, who explained that carrying her 30-pound daughter Eloise has a lot to do with her arms' lack of jiggle.

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"I am naturally long and lean and [my arms] have gotten leaner because of it," added Richards. "They will get flabby again when [Eloise] is walking."

Earlier this year, the slim star previously addressed persistent rumors regarding her weight to Nancy O'Dell, telling the ET co-host that Richards is as healthy as can be.

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"I can vouch the girl eats all day long," defended O'Dell.

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