Michael Weatherly's Mom on Raising an 'NCIS' Star


In honor of Mother's Day, NCIS star Michael Weatherly and his mom Pat O'Hara sat down with ET's Brooke Anderson to dish on the TV star's upbringing.

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"Michael has his inner child still with him," said Pat, a hospital administrator. O'Hara went on to describe early games that she watched her son play that prepped him for his future career. "He'd pretend that the rug was water so Batman and Robin had to climb over the chairs and tables."

Today, Pat and Michael remain close. The two revealed that they are practically joined at the hip twice a year when Pat visits Michael on the NCIS set.

Michael described the experience, saying, "Say you work at a bank. Imagine you're the teller and standing next to you is your mom for eight hours."

One part of being on set that Pat could do without are all the head slaps that Michael's character has to endure from the hand of Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon).

"I didn't like that," Pat said simply.

Watch the video to see Pat soothe Michael with a lullaby.