Michelle Obama's Mother's Day Plan: 'Sleep In'

The Today Show

First Lady Michelle Obama says she's planning to have a quiet Mother's Day this Sunday with family members, but is definitely looking forward to the opportunity to sleep a little longer than usual.

"I mean, like any mother, I get to sleep in -- or for me, it's wake up when I feel like it," Obama told iVillage's Kelly Wallace during an interview for the Today show.

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Obama had just attended a signing event in Washington D.C. for her new book American Grown when she revealed that her Mother's Day will consist of a workout, spending time with her mom, Marian Robinson, and deciding what's for dinner.

"My mom and I pick our meal. So we decide what we want to eat that day. So it's our choice," she added. Obama went on to reflect on some of the qualities her mother has that she's tried to adopt. "What my mom taught me and continues to teach me is patience and good humor and common sense and openness," she said.

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"You know, my mom is such a good listener. And she has taught me that one of the best things I can do for my daughters is to listen, not talk or always give advice, but to be there with an open ear and a warm hug and an understanding heart," she said. "And that relationship keeps me whole, not just here as First Lady in the White House but it has sustained me throughout my entire life. And if I could be half that mother for my girls, then I will have done a good thing."