'Teen Mom' Farrah: Sex Tape Meant to Be Private

'Teen Mom' Farrah: Sex Tape Meant to Be Private

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham's much-talked-about sex tape debuted to four times the traffic of fellow reality star Kim Kardashian's intimate 2007 video, but the 22-year-old sensation maintains that she never intended for the romp to become public until circumstances forced her to weigh her options. 

The single mom, who recently sat down with ET's Brooke Anderson, explained that her reasons for filming the erotic video were completely innocent and came from a place of loneliness.

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"I have no relationships," lamented Abraham, who said that dating as of late has been tough. "I'm, like, sad sometimes...I felt this was my way of embracing my sexuality."

The reality star tells ET she was hoping for a secret filmed tryst with a "professional" and was devastated to learn that her co-star, porn actor James Deen, let the word slip afterwards.

"I was under the belief [that filming with Deen] would help better protect me and my privacy," said Abraham. "I was like, 'If this guy is so professional, and everything is going to be fine, then I was like, 'I'm happier with this choice.'"

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With the secret out, Abraham claims she had no choice but to sell her video to Vivid Entertainment (which also marketed Kim Kardashian's sex tape) for a handsome sum she prefers not to reveal. What she would divulge is that she is confident the cash will keep her and her young daughter financially secure for years to come.

"It's [about] creating a great environment for my daughter," said Abraham. "A home, a nice neighborhood, you know, [my daughter's] college… so it's just all coming together."

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