Is 'DWTS' What's Next for Barbara Walters?


TV icon Barbara Walters announced on The View that she would be retiring in 2014, and in a sit down with Brooke Anderson after the taping, the long-time media mogul hinted that Dancing With The Stars might be in her future.

"[Bob Iger, chairman of the Walt Disney company] thought that he and I should do Dancing With The Stars."

That'd be a pretty huge get for the show that is sometimes seen as lacking A-list star power.

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But don't get your hopes up to see Barbara competing for the Mirrorball trophy anytime soon. When Brooke asked Walters if she was seriously considering competing on the show, she replied, "of course not. But we wouldn't be bad!"

Asked why she decided to make the announcement to leave now, Barbara cited a desire not to overstay her welcome.

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"I wanted to leave while people said 'we will miss her' instead of 'is she still here?'"

Of course, Barbara's illustrious career will be remembered fondly by everyone who grew up watching her iconic interviews and TV specials.

But if there's one thing Barbara wants you to remember, it's that she's not done yet.

Indeed, the TV host has one more year left on the small screen, leaving many to wonder what stars will sit down for her final interviews.

Always aiming high, Barbara would love to land Queen Elizabeth II. She's just not getting her hopes up.

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"Someone said to me, 'you should tell the Queen of England that it's your last year.' Do you think the Queen of England gives a darn that it is my last year?"

Watch the video above for more from Brooke's sit down with Barbara Walters, including Barbara opening up about blazing the trail for women in the media.