REPORT: Psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers Dies

Getty Images

Psychologist and advice columnist Dr. Joyce Brothers has died in New York of natural causes, according to The Associated Press. She was 85.

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The news source reports that Dr. Brothers' longtime publicist Sanford Brokaw confirmed the news on Monday.

In addition to her widely published column, Dr. Brothers also paved the way for television advice shows like Dr. Phil when in 1958 she became a licensed psychologist and hosted her own TV show on a local NYC station.

Dr. Brothers was also the author of What Every Woman Should Know About Men and Widowed -- the latter of which was written following the death of husband Milton Brothers in 1989. The couple was married for forty years and had one child, Lisa.

According to the AP, Dr. Brothers first gained fame by becoming the only woman to ever win the top prize on the game show The $64,000 Question. Joyce made many guest appearances over the years, many times as herself. Some of those shows included Entourage, Melrose Place, Baywatch and Married with Children.