Eddie Murphy's Daughter on Modeling's Dark Side


Eddie Murphy's daughter Bria Murphy is following in her dad's footsteps by stepping in front of the camera, only not as a comedian but as a model.

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Growing up in show business, Bria is fully aware of the dark side of modeling but she hasn't let that deter her from her dream of becoming a supermodel.

"Some of the [models] that I've met have taken cotton balls and dipped them in orange juice and they eat the cotton balls to help them feel full," Bria told ET's Rocsi Diaz. "And I think I did hear a girl throwing up in the bathroom once. I didn't want to jump to conclusions. I was like, 'I'm just going to leave and pretend she's sick.'"

At 23 years old, Bria has already landed a gig as a spokeswoman for Dark and Lovely hair products, but when ET first sat down with Bria's famous father he was even younger than Bria is today.

"He looks like my brothers," Bria said, looking at our interview with a 21-year-old Eddie Murphy. "They even move exactly like him. It's scary to look at how much you're like your parents when you get older."

Bria's next career goal might be a scary one for Eddie. She has expressed an interest in modeling for Victoria's Secret, and she can only imagine how her dad would react.

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"I think he's just going to cover his face," said Bria.