CNN Anchor Also Reveals Double Mastectomy Plans


Following Angelina Jolie's decision to go public about recently undergoing a preventive double mastectomy, CNN anchor Zoraida Sambolin revealed her own plans to receive the same procedure after being diagnosed with cancer.

Sambolin, 47, announced on her CNN program Early Start that she was diagnosed with breast cancer about three weeks ago and will undergo the double mastectomy later this month.

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She got emotional on-air talking about the process. "As a woman, your sexuality and your breasts and how attached you are to them... as a woman. So at the end of the day, it's really difficult to say that I'm thinking about this."

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Sambolin, who said that she'll also receive genetic testing to assess additional cancer risks as part of her surgery, said she's prepared to do whatever she can for the sake of her children. "At the end of day I'm going to cut off my arms if it means that I am going to live to see them and to see them grow up."

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