Kanye's 750K Car Gets Stuck In Kim's Gate

Splash News

For $750,000, Kanye West's black Lamborghini should be able to fly over Kim Kardashian's residential gate. Unfortunately for the rapper, his quarter of a million dollar ride doesn't do that, and nearly got stuck outside his pregnant girlfriend's Los Angeles home on Monday.

The paparazzi caught on camera the matte-black vehicle being returned to Kardashian's place, but not without a little struggle. The driver hadn't even made it to the driveway when the gate attempted to close on the custom car.

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Meanwhile, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 32, had her own car troubles this week. Kim tweeted on May 13, 2013: "A paparazzi almost crashed into my car today! I am still shaking! He put me in such danger! When will this legalized stalking stop???!!!???"