Kirstie Alley on TV's Plus-Size Actresses


Kirstie Alley is making her return to television this fall, where the landscape has changed for female leads since her 2005 show Fat Actress.

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When Kirstie's Showtime show left the air it also seemed to leave a mark, paving the way for actresses like Rebel Wilson, whose new sitcom Super Fun Night is coming soon to ABC.

"If I had something to do with more full-figured women being in mainstream and having their own shows, then I will take total credit for that," Kirstie joked with ET's Rob Marciano.

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One of the reasons the Golden Globe winner did Fat Actress was to prove that she's still a funny, beautiful and talented person regardless of her weight. Similarly, Rebel also has a message to get across.

"I like that with Super Fun Night I'm kind of encouraging girls who may not feel that they're the prettiest or the most popular to just get out there and have a life," said Rebel. "I think that's a really good message."

You can catch Kirstie in her new self-titled show this fall on TV Land.