David Spade Donates $200,000 For Tornado Relief


As hundreds clamor to recover from the devastation and loss from the fatal tornado in Oklahoma City on May 20, actor David Spade answered the call for action and donated $200,000 to the American Red Cross towards relief efforts, according to E! Online.

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Spade joined the ranks of other celebrities contributing to the cause -- including Oklahoma City's own NBA star Kevin Durant, who donated $1 million. Spade took to Twitter after his generous donation and encouraged others to spread the wealth.

The Oklahoma tragedy hit close to home for the Tommy Boy actor, who has a history with tornadoes after surviving one as a child.

"When I was four, I moved from Michigan to Arizona and our house got hit by a tornado a week later," Spade told E!. "Always been scared of them. I know the Red Cross will do everything they can to help people get the help they need."

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While there is not an exact total, it has been estimated that Spade has contributed more than $800,000 to the Red Cross throughout the years, most recently donating $200,000 in 2011 to help those affected by the deadly tornadoes in Alabama.