Rodriguez On OKC: 'A Reality Check For All Of Us'


With news of the fatal tornado that hit Oklahoma City on May 20, celebrities came out in droves to show support for the many victims and their families. The flashy red carpet premiere of the Fast & Furious 6 was no exception as a somber attitude crept over the typically celebratory event.

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"I definitely have some family who is out there and everybody is okay. I just want to send condolences out to the families that did lose lives and that had family members that lost lives," said Ludacris, who stars in the franchise's latest installment.

When asked by ET if she ever personally experienced a natural disaster, Michelle Rodriguez, who reprised the role of Letty, said. "I just experienced a hurricane in Puerto Rico and a slight earthquake when I was a kid in the Dominican Republic of all places. Mother Nature is coming back with a vengeance."

Rodriguez warns, "It's time for us to start thinking about trying to nurture our planet and protect ourselves from the chaos that's about to come. I think the next 10 to 15 years is going to be a reality check for all of us."

Tyrese Gibson doesn't have any family ties in Oklahoma, but said he feels connected just the same. "That is my family in Oklahoma City. It doesn't matter if they are directly a Gibson or not. Anyone who is dealing with something this tragic, it takes away from the fun and excitement that any of us can be having on a day like today. It's not really a celebration... Our prayers and our energy go out to the families out there."

Chris Hemsworth's wife Elsa Pataky brought words of sympathy and well wishes for the many victims and their families.

"I saw the images this morning and it just breaks your heart because you see the people suffering," Pataky said. "And like you're here and this is amazing but I really feel so bad for them. But I'll just send them the best and I know they're having a really hard time right now, so I'm really sorry for them."

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For more on what the celebs had to say about the tragic Oklahoma Tornado, check out the video above.