Olivia vs. Zach: Actress Calls Out Comedian


Olivia Munn is defending all the smart, pretty and funny people out there, claiming to Esquire magazine that 43-year-old funnyman Zach Galifianakis doesn't think person can be both humorous and good looking.

"I believe it was Galifianakis who was saying something like people who are attractive can't be funny, because funny comes from pain," the 32-year-old actress said in an interview for the men's magazine, that was paired with a bikini photo shoot.

"And it's interesting, because in my life, I moved around a lot, and I
had a really abusive stepfather. ...And you move around a lot and you're
constantly the new kid, because you're a military family. Oklahoma,
Utah, Japan, different parts of Japan -- and humor and being
self-deprecating and sarcastic was the thing that could break ice in
every situation. And so it's a very antiquated idea to think that you
can't be pretty and smart and funny."

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The Newsroom star added, "Like when I was on The Daily Show and there was this Web site that wanted to criticize me, saying, 'How could she be on the cover of Maxim and be on this smart show?' So I did the cover of Maxim again. Because, you know what? Don't you want for your own daughters to grow up and be smart and funny and beautiful and embrace their sexuality?"

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What do you think about Munn calling out The Hangover Part III star in Esquire magazine?