ET Spotlight: Star Summer Diets!

ET Spotlight: Star Summer Diets!

We're breaking down what the stars eat (and what they steer clear of) to get their bikini bodies summer ready!

Want Gwyneth Paltrow's lean, thin frame? In the past, the svelte actress and lifestyle guru has credited Dr. Alejandro Junger's 21-day "clean gut" program as her secret.

"You have a shake and a very clean lunch, and then another shake so it's not brutal," she raved. "But it's really good. I've been feeling amazing."

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Trying to lose the weight after baby? Try Drew Barrymore's plant-based diet!

The new mom is reportedly on "beauty detox foods" program which calls for her to avoid gluten and dairy while on the vegetable-heavy regimen.

Wanna get Victoria Beckham skinny? The fashion maven swears by the Alkaline diet.

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Based on the belief that certain foods can affect the acidity of bodily fluids, Victoria's trendy diet depends heavily on greens and eliminates animal proteins or anything processed.

Click the video for more star diet secrets from Kirstie Alley, Hilary Duff and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak!