Shay Mitchell Dishes on 'PLL' Season 4


The Pretty Little Liars season three finale left fans on the edge of their seat, but no one was looking forward to the return of the show more than the actual cast. ET Canada caught up with actress Shay Mitchell, who gushed about what's in store for next season.

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"Picking up in season 4, you find out what the girls actually did see in the trunk," said Mitchell, who is currently shooting the next season. "You never know what happens in Rosewood. You could think everything is all good and then the next second something very big happens."

ET Canada visited the actress on the set of her Elle Canada cover shoot, which seemed to be under less-than-favorable conditions.

"Today it decided to be a little bit overcast and very cold, but thanks to my Canadian roots I was able to do it," said Mitchell, who hails from Ontario.

Despite the clouds Mitchell was able to lighten up the shoot, partly due to her wardrobe.

"I would definitely wear any of these clothes or purchase them for my own wardrobe just because I love wearing color," said Mitchell. "It was a nice mix of sexy but classy. That's what I love to do even when I get ready for events."