ET FIRST: Roger Ebert's Widow on His Final Days


Chaz Ebert, widow to beloved American film critic Roger Ebert, spoke to ET on Wednesday for her first on-air interview since his passing.

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While discussing Roger's long battle with cancer, Chaz reveals that the first time he was diagnosed he "gave it his all" and Chaz "gave it [her] all." She goes on to say that when the cancer returned they both knew it was the end.

"This time around, we knew it was different," said Chaz. "He knew he didn't want to fight anymore. He didn't have anything left to prove. He went peacefully, quietly and serenely, and he accepted it. So, I had to accept it for him as well. And it was beautiful. He was and is an amazing man."

Chaz will be accepting the Van Guard Leadership Award on Roger's behalf at tonight's Celebrate Sundance Institute Los Angeles Benefit.

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight tomorrow night for more.