How Snoop Lion Does a Guys' Night Out

How Snoop Lion Does a Guys' Night Out

On a night exclusively dedicated to them, ET caught up with the men of this years Spike's Guys Choice Awards and found out what constitutes their perfect guys' night out.

Music artist Snoop Lion (formerly known as "Snoop Dogg") revealed that he prefers a guys' night in with his friends rather than a night on the town.

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"Bunch of the homies, watching movies, invite a couple of girls over, [have] a few drinks, let a little smoke fly in the air, and shut it down," the 41-year-old recently established reggae singer said.

Comedian Kevin Hart, who won Stand-Up of the Year, said that his ideal guys' night out is comprised of unlimited freedom from the suspicions of his girlfriend.

"[The] perfect night on the town would be a night, with permission from your lady, to not have a time clock—when I come home is when I come home," the Think Like a Man star said. "...So many things can happen in that window, you don't know, but I just don't have a time clock. That's the perfect night for me."

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Fast & Furious
actor Vin Diesel, who is a father to a young daughter, took a different spin on his guys' night out, mentioning something far less daring or suspicious as his choice.

"For me it'd be like, 'What could we do [that is] productive?'," the 45-year-old actor, who won the Troops Choice Award, said. "...If we were filming something at night and being renegade, that would be fun for me. I like to be productive."

While Saturday's awards show was practically a guys' night out in itself, there were a handful of glammed-up ladies on the red carpet.

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Among them were Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen and Miss Alabama model Katherine Webb, who were pitted against one another for the "Our New Girlfriend" award.

"Katherine is awesome. I mean, she's a very close friend of mine, so no, no catfights at all," Teigen on the red carpet before winning the award. "I think we voted for each other. We're big dorks."

Watch the full video above for more from the red carpet and backstage at the 2013 Guys Choice Awards, which will air Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Spike.