Celebs Launch New Anti-Bullying Campaign

Celebs Launch New Anti-Bullying Campaign

Rumer Willis, Cloris Leachman, Tim Gunn and more are rallying together for the launch of the Friend Movement in a new anti-bullying campaign called The New F Word.

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Before appearing on the covers of magazines and popping up on your favorite TV shows, these Hollywood stars had to learn to deal with people who found it fun to pick on them. In fact, they can still feel the sting of bullying today.

"I think a lot of it comes from just other people's insecurity," said Rumer, who revealed that some forms of bullying can actually become more prevalent after achieving fame. "Because of the generation that we live in you can hide behind the internet and you can hide behind your words as opposed to looking someone in the face."

For fashion guru Tim Gunn, it was he who had to do the hiding, as his bullies were up close and personal.

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"I ran home," Tim said about his first encounter with a bully. "The school was within walking distance and I ran home."

In addition to the campaign, Friend Movement is celebrating music and friendship with the Friend Movement Benefit Concert on July 1 featuring headliner LeAnn Rimes.

Cloris Leachman explained what it means to be a real friend by describing one of her best pals Valerie Harper and how she carried her through a difficult time in her life.

"My marriage was slowly unraveling and she was just there for me," said Cloris. "It was so amazing to have somebody treat me that way. It changed my life."

Other stars that have participated include Adam Lambert, Lisa Vanderpump, Darren Criss, Rachel Dratch, Richard Simmons and Aubrey O'Day.

Visit Friendmovement.com for more.