Joan Rivers Talks Turning The Big 8-0


She's known for her ruthless one-liners, witty comebacks and killer sense of style. Longtime TV personality and Fashion Police matriarch Joan Rivers turned 80 on June 8 and ET sat down with the fashion diva to chat about everything from Burt Reynolds' alleged facelift to Paris Jackson's suicide attempt, to how she plans on making her 80th the best year ever.

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When asked about her plans for making 80 a milestone year, the always brutally-honest comedian said she'll be telling everyone that she's still 76 because "then you're still hot."

"I keep telling everyone I still have my period. I still carry a tampon in my purse just in case," she jokes.

And as for what the E! Network star got for her birthday? Let's just say it was a present fit for a TV icon in the form of even more network airtime. Rivers is set to make appearances on various E! shows throughout the week of her birthday including Talk Soup, and E! News, with new episodes of Fashion Police also scheduled to run each evening.

"How great they have let me come into E! and just revamp it for the week? Change whatever I want them to change."

With few topics off limits with Rivers, the conversation turned to more contemporary issues including Burt Reynolds' frail appearance at the Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards over the weekend and rumors of his alleged facelift. When asked by ET whether she thinks the Boogie Nights star, 77, had plastic surgery, she quipped, "Some work done? Look at that -- he's shitting through his ears, my God!"

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She added, "Good for him. It's hard when men get their faces done. You know cause there's no place to hide it."

Switching topics, Rivers -- who works with a suicide prevention program -- addressed Paris Jackson's recent attempted suicide. "I really know a little more of what may have gone on in that household and I think it's tragic."

Without being able to verify a cause for the 15-year-old's almost fatal actions, Rivers speculated that it may be attributed to the ongoing saga and stress of Jackson's famous father's wrongful death trial, combined with a seemingly abnormal upbringing.

"You know you cannot bring children up wearing blankets over their faces and think something is not going on under that blanket... I hope that she's getting the proper treatment, cause she's so beautiful and so rich and she should have her whole life open up to her."

And as far as the question of whether Paris should live with her biological mother, Debbie Rowe, or her grandmother Katherine Jackson, Rivers said she wants whatever is best for the young teen.

"The mother suddenly re-emerged from nowhere, put her motorcycle away and [said] 'I'm back!' I do not know… we do not know what is really going on inside. I just hope that she [Paris Jackson] gets somebody that really cares for her."

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To find out who Joan thinks would be the perfect guest on Fashion Police and what she thought of Leonardo DiCaprio's face mask in Italy, check out the video above.