Christie Brinkley on McCarthy's Photoshopped Ad


Christie Brinkley is weighing in on Melissa McCarthy's controversial ad for her upcoming film The Heat in which she appears to be heavily photoshopped.

"I've been photoshopped before. I think it's kind of weird to do that with actors because obviously you can't photoshop a movie and you're going to be seeing the actors as they are in the movie; you get to know actors and you just love them the way they are…we all love Melissa McCarthy just the way she is," she tells ET at the Park Avenue Garage sale benefiting The Couture Council in New York City Tuesday night.

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The legendary supermodel also laments the message that heavy photoshopping gives.

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"Everything gives the message [that] it's not okay to be old, it's not okay to be fat, it's not okay to have any imperfections and there's too many outlets that are ready to pounce and it's unfortunate that that's what seems to sell magazines," she says. "I wish that there was some way we could change that."