Get To Know The Real Paris Hilton


Beyond the glamorous Hollywood heiress persona that everyone has come to know and love, Paris Hilton is a very hard-working, savvy businesswoman who has built her own billion-dollar empire. ET sat down in an exclusive interview at the 32 year-old socialite's home to get the scoop on the real Paris Hilton.

ET Flashback '02: Paris Hilton

From perfume to international clothing stores to her charity work, Paris Hilton has made a name for herself as an accomplished entrepreneur. The Simple Life star began her business with a fragrance line when she was just 15 and today she is getting ready to release her 16th scent, with over 50 stores in more than 40 countries carrying her products. She has 17 different product lines, plans for a Paris Beach Club and resort, and her empire is expanding every day. 

What people will find most surprising about her endeavors, Paris says, is how hands-on she is with each and every one of her businesses. "It's all things that happen behind the scenes. It's me at different meetings, I'm traveling all around the world meeting with all my different licensee partners. It's not something I really publicize."

Despite her hectic work schedule and constant jet lag, the socialite says it's all worth it because she gets to meet her fans face- to-face.

"I love traveling. It's one thing that's really important to me, because of my fans. I really have a connection with all of them. We twitter each other, I just love them so much."

Taking the time to connect with people is a quality the fashion designer says was instilled in her from a young age and it also inspires her many charitable contributions.

"I feel like I have been so blessed my whole life and that's why when I do travel to different countries I always try to go visit a children's hospital or an orphanage, or do something to give back to the country, and that's something that brings good karma to your life."

Paris Friendships & Relationships Reveal

When the Stars Are Blind singer is home, the one place she likes to be is with her family, which is exactly what ET caught Paris doing while enjoying lunch with her mom Kathy Hilton at their favorite spot, The Ivy in Los Angeles.

"We're not girls who lunch unless it's a birthday or special occasion. What we like to do is have family dinners at home so we don't have to have make-up on. This one [Paris Hilton] is in her jogging suit and her hair back in a ponytail. And that's where we're the most comfortable," Kathy says.
"My mom is the best cook," Paris adds.

The mother-daughter duo's affinity for a simple life at home is countered with a very high profile life outside of it. When asked how she deals with all of the media attention -- specifically the paparazzi -- Paris says, "You get used to it. It's just a part of my everyday life and I've grown accustomed to it."

"They're [the paparazzi] always very sweet and very polite. It depends on your attitude," adds Kathy.

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