Must-See Scene Before You Watch 'Bling Ring'


Must-See Scene Before You Watch 'Bling Ring'

Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring hits theaters today, June 14, and as we all know it's based on the real-life group of fame-obsessed teenagers who tracked down celebrities' whereabouts in order to rob their homes. Emma Watson takes on the role of Nicki, a character that is assumed to be modeled after former E! reality show star Alexis Neiers. So, before you run off to see this "based on a true story" flick, you must watch this obscene scene from Neiers and her family's Pretty Wild program.

If you missed this E! show, it was only on for one season in 2010, cameras followed Alexis around during the time she was being charged for robbing celebrity homes. In what was one of the more memorable scenes, Alexis, 19 at the time, calls Vanity Fair contributor Nancy Jo Sales to express her disappointment after reading the article written about her.

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Amid tears, screams and interruptions, she attempts to leave a voicemail message regarding "the f***ing lies" that have been published. It's this process that makes for great guilty-pleasure television.

At one point, Alexis fights off tears while telling Nancy Jo, "You saying that I wore six-inch Louboutins to court with my tweed skirt, when I wore four-inch, little brown Bebe shoes…" her mother Andrea interrupts, shouting, "$29!" Needless to say, she did not settle on this voice message.

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Nancy Jo didn't comment on the phone call but did say of the real-life Bling Ring back in 2010, "E! struck gold in reality TV terms. The morning after the first night they were filming, their star, Alexis, was arrested in a case that became an international news story overnight. It was instantly all over the blog-o-sphere; it even had a nickname-the Bling Ring. This was a narrative that you couldn't make up. And yet they do tell them what to say, working off a script. I wasn't previously aware of just how staged everything is."

In anticipation for The Bling Ring movie (trailer below), this Pretty Wild scene is a must-see!