Hollywood's Worst-Behaved Dads

Hollywood's Worst-Behaved Dads

With Father's Day right around the corner (I know! That snuck up on you, didn't it?), we're taking a look at the celebrity dads that have been less-than-stellar role models in the past.

Tiger Woods takes the No. 5 spot following his cheating scandal that led to a divorce and a stint at a sex rehab clinic.

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No. 4 goes to Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose love child controversy shamed his wife Maria Shriver and their four children.

"What I've done is just about the stupidest thing that any human being can do!" Schwarzenegger admitted to Piers Morgan.

Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael Lohan ranks at No. 3 for his regular run-ins with the law. He admitted to struggling with substance abuse on Celebrity Rehab.

"My drug of choice was cocaine," said Michael. "I used to have a candy bowl on my coffee table that had to be filled with coke all the time."

Ryan O'Neal gets the silver medal of our list, as he fathered four children with three different women and was arrested, though never charged, for allegedly firing a gun at his Malibu home.

Watch the video to find out who topped our list of ill-behaved dads!