Brian Baumgartner Laments Gandolfini's Death

Brian Baumgartner Laments Gandolfini's Death

After Brian Baumgartner had a blast taping his role on Hot in Cleveland's live show on Wednesday, the former The Office actor took a somber moment to reflect on the passing of James Gandolfini, whom he had just recently gotten to know personally.

"He's one of my favorite actors of all time, and I had the pleasure—actually just a couple of months ago—to spend a really special night with him...and I got to know him really well," said Baumgartner, who revealed that he learned of the upsetting news a few hours prior to filming Cleveland.

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"It's actually very difficult [for me] and I've tried to not think about it because we had a job to do here," he added. "He will be missed severely and he will be known as one of the pioneers of television and drama. All of the great drama that's happening on cable television now owes its legacy to him, in my opinion."

The ladies of Hot in Cleveland also gave their reactions to the shocking news.

"I have a good friend who was on 'The Sopranos' and was friends with him," Wendie Malick ("Victoria Chase") said. "He was such a talented, amazing guy. It's really just way too young."

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"It's a huge and devastating loss for our community," Jane Leeves ("Joy Scroggs") added.

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