Nancy Goes 40z for 40 with Arsenio Hall


Since 1994, American late-night has been terribly devoid of the 'woof woof-ing' antics of Arsenio Hall, but that long drought is thankfully coming into an end this fall.

Now, the only late-night host who also boasts a Celebrity Apprentice victory title is rolling out his talk show return in the classiest way possible -- by cracking 40 oz's with celebrities.

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Yes, Arsenio offers guests a delightful-in-moderation beverage, puts 40 seconds on the clock, and conducts a brief but candid interview. Our own Nancy O'Dell was lucky enough to be one of his first subjects!

The two hosts with the most covered an array of topics, ranging from whether Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes would make a better cross-country road trip companion, to the amount of points Nancy's husband last name (Zubchevich) lands you in Scrabble -- 34, not counting the potential double and triple letter scores.

Check out the video above for all the fun of on-screen personalities drinking and hanging out, without the apocalyptic implications of the smash hit summer comedy This is the End.

Arsenio returns to TV screens on September 9, 2013. Please watch responsibly.