Man Crosses Grand Canyon on Tightrope

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Man Crosses Grand Canyon on Tightrope

Professional tightrope walker Nik Wallenda made history on Sunday when he walked across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope for a stretch of nearly 1,400 feet without using any type of restraint or harness.

Wallenda, who recently became the first person to walk on a tightrope above Niagara Falls, achieved the death-defying feat in front of the eyes of millions via a live broadcast on Discovery, "Skywire Live with Nik Wallenda," which was shown in over 200 countries.

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"The Grand Canyon was a place I visited as a kid. For as long as I can remember, it has been a dream of mine to cross over such a spectacular setting," Wallenda said after traversing the well-known Arizona canyon. "I'm incredibly grateful to the Navajo Nation for allowing me to accomplish my dream and the Discovery Channel for trusting in my abilities."

Wallenda's crossing the Grand Canyon has been a deed long in the making, as he was originally slated to attempt the endeavor in 2009 but was delayed due a few basic logistical issues.

The 34-year-old nicknamed "The King of the Wire" holds a handful of Guinness World Records, including recognitions for longest and highest bicycle ride and longest walk over a waterfall.

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"This was certainly history in the making," said Discovery and TLC Networks president Eileen O'Neill. "Nik inspires so many people around the world to follow their dreams. We are incredibly proud to have brought this event into so many homes across the country and around the globe."

"A walk we'll never forget, it was quite an honor to produce this historic live event for Discovery," added president and GM of NBC News’ Peacock Productions Sharon Scott. "Nik's vision and lifelong dream, this was a remarkable project to collaborate on, and we congratulate Nik on achieving this astonishing milestone."

If you missed the history-making walk, check it out on Discovery Channel's "Skywire" page.