Manganiello Talks 'Magic Mike 2,' 'True Blood'

Manganiello Talks 'Magic Mike 2,' 'True Blood'

What's next for Big Dick Richie and werewolf pack leader Alcide? ET Canada caught up with Joe Manganiello, the steamy star of Magic Mike and HBO's True Blood, who let our neighbors to the north in on the future happenings of his cult characters.

While Manganiello hit up Toronto as an ambassador for Magnum ice cream, the actor's signature physique remained undeniably unaffected by summer indulgences and ready, at a moment's notice, to slip back into his much-loved fire fighter uniform for Magic Mike 2.

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As for whether or not that happy occurrence might come about sometime soon, Manganiello warns fans it might be a long time coming.

"I think Reid [Carolin]'s writing and [Channing Tatum] is talking to Reid, but there's nothing concrete yet," he explained. "But would I like to work with those guys again? Yea. I think I probably had the best time I’ve ever had in my life working on that movie."

And speaking of baring his flesh, the tall, dark and handsome star went on to update ET Canada about True Blood season six, which is now fully underway.

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"I think it's just time everybody stopped pushing Alcide around," said Manganiello of his new transformation and intense approach to the role of wolf pack leader. "He's taken enough crap, and it's time to step into his own. You got to be the alpha, you've got to show the pack who's boss."