Cory Monteith Dies: ET's Last Interview

Cory Monteith Dies: ET's Last Interview

As Cory Monteith's fans and peers continue to react to the upsetting news of his death at age 31, ET rewinds to our last interview with the late Glee star.

Six months ago, ET caught up with Monteith at the annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards in Santa Monica, Calif., where he presented the award for Best Foreign Language Film alongside actress Emmy Rossum.

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"I hope the teleprompter comes up properly and I hope I don't trip down the stairs. I hope everything goes to plan," the Canadian actor said.

Asked if something were to go awry with the teleprompter, Monteith comically responded, "I would tell a joke. I would tell a joke about my favorite foreign film."

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All eventually went according to plan, and Monteith and Rossum presented the award to Stefan Arndt for Amour.