Cory Monteith's First ET Interview


In the wake of the startling news of Cory Monteith's death at 31 this weekend, ET takes you back to our very first interview with the late actor.

The date was January 13, 2009, when the Canadian actor was on the verge of premiering a show that would skyrocket his career and also connect him with future girlfriend Lea Michele.

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Monteith, then 26, and Michele, 22, first graced ET's cameras at FOX's TCAs (Television Critics Association convention) to talk about their then-upcoming musical series Glee, which is now on the verge of premiering its fifth season.

In the flashback, Monteith describes Glee, which has since become a frontrunner in the musical TV series genre, as "fast, edgy" and "young." "It's highly entertaining," he says fervently.

VIDEO: Cory Monteith Dies: ET's Last Interview

Monteith continues to praise the show, admitting his subjective point of view but nevertheless expressing his enjoyment of the show, not just as an actor but as a television viewer.

"Of course I like to show I'm biased because I'm on the show, but actually, I watched it and it's television that I would watch," said Monteith, who played "Finn Hudson." "So, it's cool."