Clooney's Ex Stacy Keibler Keeps Busy Post-Breakup

Clooney's Ex Stacy Keibler Keeps Busy Post-Breakup

Stacy Keibler has maintained a brave face following her split from George Clooney, perhaps because she hasn't had time to dwell on the breakup.

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"I'm so excited for the show to be debuting and I'm working on developing my own healthy food line, so I have a lot of things to keep me busy," Stacy told ET at a special food tasting for her upcoming reality show Supermarket Superstar.

Stacy hosts the new competition series that gives normal people the chance to become the next Mrs. Fields or Chef Boyardee.

"There's so many big companies that own a lot of the space in the supermarket, so we're looking for the little guy," said Stacy. "We're looking for that guy to give him a shot."

Each one-hour episode follows three home chefs as they attempt to prepare their products for mass production with the help of mentors Michael Chiarello (TV host and chef), Debbi Fields (founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies) and Chris Cornyn (branding expert). The winner receives $10,000 in prize money and $100,000 worth of product development from the largest independent food and beverage innovation company in the country, DINE Marketing and Mattson.

"Hosting the show is so much fun," said Stacy. "As you can see, the food was amazing. I wanted everybody to win."

Supermarket Superstar premieres Monday, July 22 at 10 ET/PT on Lifetime.