Jane Lynch Opens Up About Her Divorce

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It's been nearly a month since Jane Lynch revealed she was getting a divorce from wife Lara Embry after a three-year relationship and now she's opening up about how she's dealing with the split.

In an interview for his web series Larry King Now, Lynch tells the talk show icon that although she considered it "wonderful" to be married, she and Embry felt it was time to move on with their lives in different directions. "It's just two people who just decide it's better to go apart than stay together," the 53-year-old Glee star explained.

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When asked whether the breakup was amicable, Lynch said it was and added that she she wants to maintain the good relationship she has with Embry's daughter Haden. "Yeah, all's good...She has a little girl who's very dear to me. She's 10 and she's doing great."

Lynch acknowledged that while divorce is always difficult, the most important thing to get through it is "to remain adults" through the process. "It's not dramatic, it's not a horrible thing. It's something that we're dealing with," she said.

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In the interview -- conducted before Cory Monteith's death -- Lynch also addresses her Glee co-star's most recent stint in rehab. "Yeah, he went to rehab. He's out now and he's doing great," she said. "He was sober for many, many years -- and he's a young man. So he just had to kind of renew his vows to sobriety."