Stacy Keibler: Marriage 'Last Thing on My Mind'

Good Morning America

Stacy Keibler is opening up more about her recent split from George Clooney, saying Wednesday on Good Morning America that the breakup was amicable and reiterating that the split had nothing to do with her reported desire for marriage.

When asked by GMA's Elizabeth Vargas if the split was friendly, Keibler, 33, replied, "Yes, absolutely. And I'm doing great, thank you for asking earlier," she said.

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On the reports last week attributing the breakup to her wish for marriage and George's opposition to tying the knot, Keibler said, "Oh yeah, we didn't discuss that."

Keibler -- who was appearing on GMA to promote her new reality seriesSupermarket Superstar -- added that she and her close friends actually found the reports humorous. "Actually everyone that knows me thinks that is the funniest story because that is the last thing on my mind," she said. "I think a little bit different than most women out there. I don't really think about that right now at all."

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