Journey Rocker Neal Schon Remembers Cory Monteith


With his early start in the music business, Journey guitarist Neal Schon knows first hand the type of struggles that Cory Monteith dealt with as a young star. Now, Schon is speaking out about the fallen star and his hope that Monteith's drug-related death serves as a cautionary tale for other young stars.

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Schon's professional rock career began at the age of 15 when he joined the rock band Santana, which he described as a wild period in his life.

"There was all kinds of stuff going on," said Schon, who avoided ever becoming addicted to drugs. "I dabbled in a bit of this and that and I tried it all and managed to take the right road."

While Schon never spent time with Monteith in person, he (like everyone else) was impressed by the Glee actor's vocal abilities when the cast performed Journey's smash hit Don't Stop Believin'.

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"I thought Cory had a really good set of pipes," Schon raved.

The 59-year-old rocker went on to urge others to prevent further tragedies by learning from Monteith's loss.

"I hope that more younger people will stop and [get clean] before it takes too long for them to understand that they need to for their own health and for everybody else's well-being," said Schon.

Schon is launching a new tour with Journey on July 19 from Wyoming. Click here for more info.