Miley Cyrus: Haters Keep Me Motivated


ET Canada caught up with Miley Cyrus in New York City, getting the singer/actress to open up about her new image, insatiable drive and upcoming album.

After headlining a hit Disney show and putting out three top-selling albums, fans might wonder what keeps the 20-year-old star going.

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"Haters keep me motivated," said Miley. "That makes me want to do even better."

In recent years, Miley has made a drastic departure from her Hannah Montana TV character.

"Once I left my show I didn't want anyone around that was going to tell me the way that I was going to do things," Miley explained. "I wanted to go make mistakes, go be who I was going to be."

This new attitude has perhaps been most clearly evident in the controversial video for her single We Can't Stop.

Complete with severed rubber fingers, stuffed lambs and pool make-out session with a doll -- the video definitely raised some eyebrows.

"I'm trying to win a Grammy!" says Miley, who explained that she can't hold back if she wants to take home music's biggest prize.

Watch the video to find out Miley's thoughts on the tweets concerning Cory Monteith's death.