Stacy Keibler's Biggest Guilty Pleasure

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Stacy Keibler is keeping busy these days developing both a healthy food line and trendy sportswear line for the NFL and as host of Lifetime's new reality competition show, Supermarket Superstar. I caught up with the TV host and budding entrepreneur to talk about her specialty in the kitchen and the food she just can't give up!

ETonline: What initially attracted you to Supermarket Superstar?
Stacy Keibler: I was already developing my own healthy food line. And with my love of food and my love of cooking it just seemed like a natural fit.

Have you always been a big fan of cooking?
I have! You know my mom sent me to cooking classes when I was really young. And she was such a good cook herself. I had a home-cooked meal every single night growing up. I learned a lot from her and was also a big fan of the Food Network, like, even in high school my favorite shows were all on the Food Network.

So what's your specialty?
I love to eat healthy and pretty clean. So one of my specialties is really trying to figure out how to recreate those comfort foods that I love and I miss but in a healthy way ... But really my specialty is super food ice creams that I make. It's no dairy, no sugar, no gluten.

Do you have a big guilty pleasure?
I love to indulge in dessert and that's why I'm experimenting in the kitchen myself to try to make healthy desserts because I love to eat them so much. So if I'm going to indulge it's going to be something sweet probably. Or it's going to be a thin crust pizza!

What is your favorite part of hosting a show like Supermarket Superstar?

I really can relate to the contestants because I'm creating my own line so I love that. I love going on the journey with them ... You know all of us are consumers of food. All of us go to the supermarket; we all know what we like to buy; we all know what we like to eat but we don't really know the story of how those products got on the shelf. So that's what I think is the most interesting part of the show: there's so much behind the label of how that product got there.

Has any part of the experience taken you by surprise?
The one thing is that everybody is so passionate about their product. I loved following their journey and I wanted everybody to win. But the great part about our show is that only one person at the end wins a nationwide launch of their product on supermarket shelves across the country but every episode someone gets $100,000 worth of product development. So we have ten people getting [the tools] that they need and still moving forward with their product.

Supermarket Superstar airs Monday nights at 10/9c on Lifetime.

You can also join Stacy's better eating habits and healthy lifestyle by visiting her blog.