'Supernanny' Jo Frost Offers Kate Baby Advice

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Every mum needs her "Supernanny," even Kate Middleton, insists TV's renowned child expert Jo Frost. 

The British miracle worker sat down with Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, offering a softened version of her signature tough-love brand of advice for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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"They already have a wonderful start in certainly having Catherine's family there to support her, like most young moms," said Frost, who recommended Middleton embrace the help she's offered during her first few months with the newborn.

Most importantly, the Supernanny advised that mom and dad remember to work together as a team, "understanding the importance of being able to rest and to support each other, to get the sleep when necessary, as newborns need to sleep a lot."

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"I think it's really all about making sure that you are communicating as parents, that you're on the same page, that you understand what your little one needs. And, uh, certainly for our new royal be -- baby, there will be, um, lots of splashes of royal protocol that are necessary, um, but also, two parents who are very devoted, very loving, and certainly on this page with their virtues and their morals and how they want to raise this little one."

His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge was born Monday afternoon and introduced to the world on Tuesday. The proud parents and their son are reportedly beginning their parental duties at Middleton's parents' home in the English countryside.