EXCLUSIVE: Cannon Weighs In on Bynes' Spiral


As Amanda Bynes' parents seek conservatorship of the 27-year-old former child star, who is currently on psychiatric hold, ET got her former All That co-star Nick Cannon to give his thoughts on what may have put the actress on the wrong path.

According to Cannon, 32, the key to remaining grounded as a child star starts at home.

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"The problem that occurs quite often is when you allow your children to become the breadwinner, and then they know that they're bringing in money and then they start making decisions," Cannon said on the set of his new Me Sexy music video. "When a parent isn't allowed to be a parent at an early age we see the effects when these young people get older."

Nowadays, the comedian and rapper has a family of his own and he addressed the question of whether his forthcoming album, White People Party Music, is infringing on his wife's territory.

"It does not get competitive at all," said Nick. "I'm nowhere near the same level as Mariah Carey. I make funny, silly songs. She makes classic music that will be around forever."

ET was exclusively behind the scenes during the making of the Cannon-directed Me Sexy video, which premiered on Vevo today. See below to check out the finished product.