Melissa Joan Hart on Losing Baby Weight


After having three sons, Melissa Joan Hart knows a thing or two about losing baby weight and she recently dished to ET about her weight-loss strategy.

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The Melissa & Joey actress told us that she gained about 60 pounds during her last pregnancy with son Tucker, who was born last September. After the birth she was left with 30 pounds to lose.

"I'm in an industry where I have to lose the weight to keep my jobs," Melissa explained.

With this added incentive to get back to her normal body, Melissa turned to Nutrisystem, which helped her shed the extra pounds in a healthy way and keep them off.

"I wanna be healthy for [my family]," said Melissa. "I wanna show them how to be healthy."

Melissa was announced as a Nutrisystem spokesperson in April when the company released a statement, saying, "[Melissa] mirrors our values and will resonate with our customers as authentic."

Watch the video for more. Melissa & Joey airs Wednesday nights on ABC Family.