Amanda Bynes Doing 'Remarkably Well'

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Amanda Bynes Doing 'Remarkably Well'

After months of negative headlines, Amanda Bynes seems to be on the right track, according to publicist Jonathan Jaxson.

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Jaxson spoke to ET giving the following statement:

"Amanda is doing remarkably well. She is presently nearly back to her former self. Fears are however if she is released, she will discontinue the medication she is on for treatment.

"Amanda has been very active in group sessions, private sessions and much more over the past few days and she is finally opening up.

"Her parents are still seeking a conservatorship to help her for the long term health wise. It's clear they truly love and care for their daughters' well-being.

"Today Amanda was scheduled to go before a judge to state her case and get released early from the center, but I have been informed that won't be happening as she is just recently responding to treatment and another week will stay in effect. All while her parents continue to try and gain conservatorship.

"Being a 'celebrity' comes with a heavy price tag. It can be a drug within itself and Amanda now must continue to surround herself around those who truly love and care for her to get the best benefit from all this."

Bynes was reportedly placed on 5250 hold, which allows her to be under psychiatric hold for up to 14 days, after being involved in a disturbance at the 200 block of Avenida de Los Arboles, in Thousand Oaks, California on July 22.