'MasterChef' Star Reveals 56 lb Loss Since Surgery


'MasterChef' Star Reveals 56 lb Loss Since Surgery

MasterChef judge Graham Elliot says he's already dropped nearly 60 pounds since undergoing stomach reduction surgery just three weeks ago and he's posted new pics to prove it!

The 36-year-old chef/TV star spoke about his dramatic weight loss to People magazine. "I started [weighing] 396 and I'm now at 340. That's even better than expected," he said. "I feel amazing. I have a lot more energy," he told the magazine. "I'm able to play tag with my 6-year-old son, [Mylo]. He said, 'You're way faster than you were.' He's so excited."

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Elliot, who recently posted photos of his progress on his Instagram page, admitted that the hardest part of his slim-down has been relearning how to eat. "Temptation is still hard for me. If friends are eating fast food or baking fresh chocolate chip cookies, it's difficult not to grab even a tiny piece. Mentally, I've got to start thinking of that stuff as the enemy."

The Chicago-based culinary star revealed last month that his kids were the major motivation for his decision to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy, a surgical procedure that shrinks the stomach to about 25 percent of its original size.

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Elliot also revealed to the magazine a new goal -- to run the Chicago Marathon next fall. "I'm going to lose the weight and start training," he says. "MasterChef co-judge Joe Bastianich says he'll join me. Maybe we'll get Gordon [Ramsay] out here as well."