Jennifer Aniston: There Was No Wedding Planned


Jennifer Aniston: There Was No Wedding Planned

Ever since Jennifer Aniston broke the news last fall that she and her beau Justin Theroux were engaged to be married, much has been reported of the couple's impending nuptials. In a visit to The Talk August 7, The Millers star, 44, put the rumors to rest, telling the ladies that she hasn't even begun planning her wedding yet! 

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"It was supposed to happen in March, I think," Aniston, quipped of the "tab-rag" stories. "I was like, 'What? I'd like to be a part of this planning!'"

The actress went on to say that she and her fiancé are so content together as-is, she isn't entirely sure when they'll actually make it official.

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"I don't feel like there's a rush," she explained, adding that any reporting about her wedding plans is entirely fabricated.

"[The tabloids] like to create the stories because it's not interesting the story of we're just really happy and we're in love and feel like we're married and eventually we'll get married when we have the time," Aniston said. "It's a drag that they have try to paint this horrible, negative picture and it's just to sell magazine and it's a bummer because its not true."

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