CBS Provides School Supplies for Homeless Kids


ET's Rocsi Diaz was the official host of a recent drive by members of the CBS Global Distribution Group who recently joined forces to provide brand new backpacks filled with school supplies for homeless students!

The event -- the Fourth Annual Back-to-School Celebration for children -- benefits the residents of Upward Bound House, a community based,
non-profit organization that provides housing and services for homeless
children and their families.

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"I know for me -- every year following the last three or four years we've done this -- I get this little pictures from the kids who are here, little thank you notes, little cartoons, stick figures," said Steve LoCascio, Executive Vice Presidenet and Chief Financial Officer, CBS Global Distribution Group, who attended the event. "A lot of these things we take for granted and when you see the look on their faces, and the little notes they send, it really just makes it all worthwhile."

Rocsi also caught up with Christine Mirasy-Glasco, Executive Director of Upward Bound House, to find out what the annual school supply donations mean to the facility's needy families. "Being homeless, for the most part they don't have the resources to get school supplies, uniforms, or any of the other things they need. So this is actually a huge bonus for us because now where we could spend funds to do very important things, we can now relax and have CBS do this for us."  

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Watch the video to also hear from a mother and daughter who are benefiting from the CBS donations to Upward Bound House, as well as an interview with longtime KCBS-TV anchor Pat Harvey, who explains why she got involved in the program as a way to give something back to the community.