Heidi Powell Opens Up About Eating Disorder


Extreme Weight Loss transformation specialist Chris Powell and his wife Heidi Powell sat down with ET's Rocsi Diaz detailing Heidi's former eating disorder that she made public on Tuesday's episode.

"It was a part of me that I felt shame for," Heidi said, explaining why she didn't come forward earlier. She went on to explain what made her go public, saying, "I didn't care anymore about what negativity might come if people saw my own struggles."

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On the show, Heidi admitted to a former struggle with food addiction and bulimia. Now, thanks in part to the ABC reality show, Heidi has been able to find a sense of balance with her supportive husband.

"I would say there's a healthy competition between us," Chris said with a laugh. "And we keep each other accountable."

A big turning point for Heidi was getting pregnant with her first child. For the first time in her life Heidi had to take care of her body for the sake of another life that depended on it.

"It is your responsibility to grow this baby and to keep this child alive and love it," Heidi said. "That was my moment."

Heidi's now pregnant with baby No. 4.

Watch the video for more. Extreme Weight Loss airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on ABC.