Tim McGraw Visits FDNY Country


Tim McGraw recently spent time with New York's first responders to see how these everyday heroes operate, and we have an exclusive first look behind the scenes at the country superstar's new video series about these extraordinary people called Quantum Heroes Presented by Duracell.

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"I got to go to the FDNY training center, which was pretty amazing to see," Tim tells ET. "They just dive right in or jump right into a situation that they know is dangerous, and it's just part of who they are, and it's just part of what they do."

Quantum Heroes Presented by Duracell tells previously untold stories of bravery, heroism and sacrifice of first responders across the country, illustrating the character and humanity required to step into harm's way on a daily basis. Tim narrates each of these tales, and he talked with the FDNY about their experiences responding to the Hurricane Sandy disaster. It's some very compelling testimony.

CLICK HERE to watch Tim's Quantum Heroes video with the FDNY on YouTube.com/Duracell.

The Quantum Heroes Presented by Duracell videos are part of the launch of the Duracell Quantum brand and debut on Wednesday. Duracell is donating one million Quantum batteries to first responders across the country, seeing as they use (AA/AAA) batteries in critical devices that keep us safe and protect us, from flashlights and location tracking devices to life-saving breathing apparatuses. They also distribute batteries for community safety programs.

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People who have experienced the heroism of first responders are also encouraged to share their own stories on Duracell'sFacebook or Twitter using the hashtag #MyQuantumHero.