Kate Gosselin: 'I Made So Many Mistakes'

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Several years after Kate Gosselin and her eight children appeared along with then-husband Jon on the hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, the single mom is now reflecting on her past as "a whole other lifetime."

Speaking in an interview with People magazine, the 38-year-old Gosselin, who previously worked as a nurse, is currently "piecing and patching together" an income from a variety of projects. "I'm living very carefully these days," she reveals. "To not have a reliable income is scary."

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"I made so many mistakes, of course," she adds, admitting that her own diva-like behavior may have led to her current unemployed state after her marriage to Jon unraveled in 2009 after a very public cheating scandal and she subsequently lost her own reality show without Jon, Kate Plus 8.

"It feels like a whole other lifetime ago," she says of her years in the media limelight. "And sometimes I don't even remember much of it. Both when the babies were first born and during the divorce, I was on survival mode. I feel like I've lived two lifetimes already. I'm not the same person I was ... I don't even recognize her."

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