Chris Brown's Hit-And-Run Charges Dropped

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Chris Brown's Hit-And-Run Charges Dropped

Hit-and-run charges were dropped against singer Chris Brown Thursday night. According to the presiding judge, Brown and the other driver involved in the collision have reached a "civil compromise."

The incident happened in May, when Chris Brown rear-ended another driver, Olga Kavalenko. She was driving a Mercedes in Toluca Lake. Brown and Kavalenko traded insurance information at the scene of the accident, however Brown gave the wrong information. Brown's attorney claims it was a mistake.

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The two parties involved have since settled the problem, and the Los Angeles judge dismissed the misdemeanor charges.

Patrick Hiscocks, the city prosecutor, strongly objected to the judge's dismissal. According to Hiscocks, Brown was still on probation when the accident occurred, and he accused Brown to being aggressive towards Kavalenko.