Lohan Admits Addiction in Candid Interview


Lohan Admits Addiction in Candid Interview

Now finished with a highly publicized stint in a rehabilitation center, Lindsay Lohan sat down for her anticipated first interview since leaving rehab with Oprah Winfrey on her OWN series Oprah's Next Chapter.

Lohan prefaced the interview, which was shot four days after the 27-year-old actress left rehab on July 30, with her intention to "be me and be open and honest."

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Winfrey covered an array of pertinent topics with Lohan, ranging from her most recent stint in rehab to her thoughts on the perception that her parents have exploited her in some manner.

As Lohan's recent rehab stay was her sixth total, she revealed that she has been in and out of rehab because she hadn't been taking promises seriously, even those that were court-ordered.

However, unlike the other occasions, in which she felt as though her rehab stays were punishment, she says she didn't fight the idea that she needed help this time around and was willing to admit her need for clinical assistance.

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On the topic of rehab and run-ins with the law, Lohan described her 2010 arrest for D.U.I. as "terrifying," although she also admitted that her subconscious mind "kind of wanted to go to jail...just to find some peace."

Lohan candidly confessed multiple times during the hour-long program that she is an addict and alcohol is her drug of choice. In the past, she said, alcohol was her gateway to other drugs, including cocaine, which she admitted to snorting 10 to 15 times in the past.

She asserted that she's not taking any prescription medication any longer, including Adderall, to which she says she was addicted before going to rehab.

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As the program covered the ascent and downward spiral of Lohan's life and career, she divulged that her life began to go awry shortly after she had filmed Mean Girls at 18 years old, saying that she "wasn't really being guided" at the time.

Insinuating that even her parents weren't guiding her, partially because she denied their assistance, the New York native labeled her home as "chaotic" when she was growing up, but assures that she's never felt as though her parents have exploited her in any way.

Lohan also admitted that she fabricated some of the accusations she made against her mother in a frantic phone call to her father that he soon after made public. However, she admitted that her dad's release of their personal call "killed me."

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As for the here and now and what she learned from her recently rehab stint that will hopefully set her on the right track, Lohan says that she's discovered how to ground herself and that she doesn't need outside substances to feel anything.

Referring to herself as a spiritual person, she stated that she feels "whole again" and will do whatever it takes to preserve that feeling. Her objective, in her own words, is "staying present and clear-headed and focused."

Having spent the majority of her life acting on the big screen, Lohan says she's looking forward to getting back on set and acting, and above all, regaining the trust of the people in her career.

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Perhaps the most intriguing and emblematic words uttered by Lohan during the interview came when she frankly said, "I've lived so many lives in one lifetime at this point, and it's not interesting to me anymore."