'Newsies' Cast on the Best Part of Broadway

'Newsies' Cast on the Best Part of Broadway

As their musical continues to prosper on Broadway, ET caught up with the cast of Newsies The Musical for the scoop on their show as well as an inside perspective on Broadway life.

The musical, which opened on Broadway at the Nederlander Theater in 2012 after making its world premiere in New Jersey in 2011, is based on Disney's 1992 musical film Newsies.

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While that film wasn't much of a box-office success, its story, based on the Newsboys Strike of 1899 that happened in New York City, has gained popularity over the years, as evidenced by its warm reception on Broadway.

"It's a New York story [being performed] in New York," said Corey Cott ("Jack Kelly"), who made his Broadway debut in Newsies. "...The boroughs we talk about in the story [are] like the boroughs we talk about in our daily life. For people to come to New York in the heart of Times Square and see a story that's so American and something that actually happened there [is great]."

Two out of three of the cast mates that sat down with ET (Cott, Kara Lindsay) made their Broadway debut in Newsies, which was apparent in their enthusiasm for their musical and Broadway in general.

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As for what they enjoy most about being in a Broadway musical, they shined the spotlight on the audience.

"I think the audience is what makes it so special because you don't get that when you're on a TV show," said Lindsay ("Katherine Plumber"). "You don't get that immediate reaction."

"Sometimes I will just stare into the audience and I will see someone just smiling and gleaming [about] what they're seeing," added Jess LeProtto ("Buttons"). "That just makes us...feel a lot more fortunate about what we love to do, and we get a chance to do it."

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With the musical currently thriving on Broadway, ET asked the cast if they could picture a remake of the original film with them as the stars.

"We would love that," the unanimous reply was.

Newsies The Musical
is now playing at the Nederlander Theater on Broadway.